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Tastes Like Cricket: Designing A Delicious, Insect-Based Food System

The Ento Box is designed to make you think differently about eating bugs—our most sustainable source of protein—by wrapping them in a sushi-like package.

If you can eat raw fish, you can eat a caterpillar.

If eating is an art form, then insects-as-food remains an experimental genre—at least in the West. But bugs, which are high in protein and low in terms of environmental impact, are a far more sustainable food source than beef or pork. And thanks to four graduate students in London, an evolving concept called Ento, could pave the way for more sustainable food systems.

Read more here.

Would you try an Ento box?


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    Dip that shit in salsa and put it in my mouth.
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  9. punkybreester answered: I think our minds are our worst enemies. If we get past what we think is “normal” I think most would be open to trying this and other things.
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  11. yukithemeddler answered: Certainly. I don’t do well at digesting red meat, and have problems getting enough protein when I try to reduce fish and fowl.
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    Hungry for the future?
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    They changed their timeline from the first time I read about this concept last year. They had 2030-2040 as when bugs...
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  22. iconolith answered: It’s all so irresistably cute, I’d absolutely eat it!