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National Proposal Day: Carter Moore and Brooke Howe

Carter Moore (@iamcartermoore) and Brooke Howe (@brookehowe) had been dating for a few years when Carter decided he wanted to propose by asking Brooke to “start an adventure for a lifetime.” He decided to surprise her with a trip to Portland, but there was one problem—neither of them had ever been to Portland before. Carter turned to Instagram friends in Oregon for ideas. With their help, Carter was able to plan the entire trip and and even find the spot where he would ask Brooke to marry him.

Even though they’d never met the couple in person, two of Carter’s Instagram friends in Portland, Branden Harvey and his friend Colin Cabalka, decided to take Carter and Brooke’s visit to the next level and surprise them with an engagement party. When Carter and Brooke arrived back from Ecola State Park, they were greeted with music, balloons and a whole lot of love.

The video above is about the touching story of their engagement, told for the first time at that party. A warm congratulations to Carter and Brooke on National Proposal Day!


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