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Curl up with your iPad while the archives are free


So far, the best thing about the New Yorker’s digital revamp is not the new site design, but rather the opening of the magazine’s storied archives. For the next three months, articles dating back to 2007 (plus select additional features) are free to all visitors, offering non-subscribers a chance to revisit some of the best design writing of the past decade.

Here are Co.Design’s picks for your weekend reading. 

These six questions could help predict your startup’s success.

Ideo. Pinterest. Airbnb. Kickstarter. It’s an all-star list of the companies changing the way we live. It’s also a list of companies created and led by designer founders. The hallmark of a designer-founder is the ability to focus entrepreneurial efforts through the lens of design—to approach the data-driven world of business with human experience in mind. This way of thinking isn’t just a seductive novelty. It’s providing a crucial competitive edge in the crowded world of consumer technology and services.

Do you have designer-founder potential? Ask yourself these six questions to find out.

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Ever wondered what they called anal sex in the 16th century, or cunnilingus during World War II?

Ever wonder what sex was called in the 1600s, how you might ask for a blowjob during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, or how your great-grandfather might have asked for anal sex?

Following up on his research which gave us 2,600 words for genitalia throughout the ages, slang lexicographer Jonathon Green has given us three amazing new resources, describing what sexual intercourse, oral and anal, and sexual secretions and contraceptives have been called at various points over the last 700 years.

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